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World Mobile 250K WMT Pledge / Cardano 830K ADA Pledge
20% of profits donated to Charities

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Neptune's Mission

Secure and operate the Cardano network & help fund charity projects across Africa.

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We use a bare metal server and two VPS. They are secure, optimized and always up to date to ensure performance and reliability.

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The Engine Room

Performance & Reliability

Good computers at multiple locations, for redundancy and fast block propagation.

24h Monitoring

Autopilot works. Sleep safe though, we always have a pilot at the helm.

Rocket Science Security

Mission critical operations requires best in class security. We've done our homework.

Highly reliable

Located on planet Earth, our servers have an uptime above 99.9%. We'll mint all the blocks coming our way.

We donate 20% of our profits to African Charities

We want to support education, reforestation and access to water projects.

Transparency is important - that is why we'll share with you where reward funds go, the charities progress and the results.


125 million school-age children are currently out of school worldwide.

Street Child

Street Child works with communities to build schools, train teachers, protect children and ensure that all solutions are sustainable long-term.

Each £100 Donation:

£100 could provide one household in Sierra Leone with livelihood support enabling them to afford the costs of sending their children back to school.


Partly due to deforestation, millions of people suffer from food insecurity & live in extreme poverty.

Tree Aid

Tree Aid works with local people to grow trees and restore land, to fight poverty and the effects of the climate crisis.

Each £100 Donation:

A gift of £100 could provide 5 life-changing trees and the tools they need to look after them, giving a family nutritious food and produce to sell all year round.


In Kenya, 8 out of 10 people lack access to clean water and good hygiene.

Dig Deep

Dig Deep's efforts ensure everyone has clean water, safe toilets and hygiene - forever"

Each £100 Donation:

£100 could provide 2,000L of clean water storage for a school in Kenya.


Donation Date Charity Amount (USD) Proof
1 29 June 2021 Street Child 110 Street Child 1
2 29 June 2021 Tree Aid 208 Tree Aid 1
3 29 June 2021 Dig Deep 112 Dig Deep 1
TOTAL 29 June 2021 All Charities 430


What's Cardano?

Made by Humans for the inhabitants of planet Earth, Cardano is a public blockchain project. It requires decentralized nodes to validate and secure transactions for all participants.

What are our fees ?

Neptune has a fixed fee of 340 ₳ and a variable fee of 1%.

We are on Telegram

We're probably in your galaxy at the moment. Get in touch if you have a question!